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RF Connector Solution for 5G Application

In response to the coming of the high-speed transmission and wide demand of 5G for smart city, IOT, and data center, KinnexA has successively completed the development and design of LanQ series for 5G millimeter connectors.

The frequency of KinnexA LanQ series is from DC to 80GHz high transmission.  Meanwhile, LanQ is also with feature spec of smaller, highly integrated and high-speed transmission to provide the customer the flexible design in Netcom and 3C products.  

 Usage Concept of RF connectors for 5G

For the multiple choices of transmission applications, KinnexA has gradually developed five types of 5G millimeter connectors; the types and specifications are as follows:

A. LanQ C67 RF Connector     B. LanQ R85 RF Connector   C. LanQ R45 RF Connector


 D. LanQ B45 RF BTB Connector         E. LanQ F30 RF FPC Connector



KinnexA _ RF Connector Specification for 5G

 KinnexA has the breakthrough technology in the manufacturing to reach the trend of High frequency, high speed, miniature and integration.

With the core technology and intellectual property, we do focus on the innovation of industrial technology and the pursuit of rapid innovation to meet the diverse needs of different customers around the world.