About KinnexA

KinnexA is an innovative manufacturer of connectors for the PC and networking industries. With our operating headquarters in Taiwan and manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan - we present a global interest, facilitating sales and distribution of products all over the world.



KinnexA specializes in designing and manufacturing RJ and IT industry connectors, as well as other electronic components. We continue to expand our product range into communications, networking, broadcast and various industrial applications. We offer advanced connector products with the advantage of also compatible with products from our competitors at exceptional prices.

Technology, Solution, Connection

We believe in superior solutions through investing in extensive research to establish quality interconnection for the world market. It is essential at KinnexA to ensure unwavering customer satisfaction. We advance your needs with mindful and precise delivery.

Flexibility and reliability are crucial qualities for maintaining increased connectivity. At KinnexA, our priority is establishing open dialogue between our customers and our production team, focused on modifying products to your needs. A strong grasp on the relationship between KinnexA and our clients is what determines decisive quality connectors. We are committed to actively solving your needs. Our team believes sustainable growth relies in our extensive knowledge of networking and advanced technological research and design.

At KinnexA, we remain competitively at the forefront of technological innovation, utilizing excellence in engineering expertise to meet the demands of an ever-expanding market.